Who We Serve

Horizons at The Oakwood School is a tuition-free, non-profit, academic enrichment program serving low-income students in Pitt County. The Horizons affiliate at The Oakwood School was established in 2016 and has grown to serve over 40 students in grades K-2 to date. We are a part of the award-winning Horizons national family, which is made up of over 50 chapters and serves over 5,000 students annually.

Horizons serves at-risk students with a broad range of academic skills, providing them with the opportunity to experience success in a setting that, over time, becomes an inspirationaland stable learning environment for students, families, and the greater community. Horizons at The Oakwood School provides transportation for students from neighboring Lakeforest Elementary School directly to our campus.

We recruit children from low-income families from Pitt County public schools, with emphasis on finding students who are reading below grade level. This coming summer, we will add another class of 15 students who have just completed kindergarten to bring our total enrollment to 45 (K-2) students. Our goal is to add a class of 15 students every year until we have classes in grades K-8.